How to Save Money on Make Receding Gums Grow Back

Educating children about the problems of gum disease and gum recession should start at an early age. The Gum Recession Treatment Naturally concepts and techniques will then have time to grow from their subconscious minds into their conscious awareness.

Definition - Receding gums also known as Gingival recession is a term used by physician and dentists alike when referring to a loss of mucosal tissue over the gum or alveolar bone. This leads to an exposure of teeth roots.

Causes - The condition is very common among middle-aged men and woman. However the problem may start during the teenage years. The greatest cause of receding gums is aggressive brushing on a daily basis which leads to enamel corrosion at the gum lines. Bacterial build-up from improper oral healthcare can lead to both bone and enamel break-down. Periodontal diseases including gingivitis and edentulism may also cause recessions.

Signs - Common signs of recession include pain, discomfort and irritated gums, exposure of tooth roots, cavities below gum line and general tooth sensitivity.

Treatments - Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to receding gums due to the fact that there is no set-in-stone cure for the problem except very intrusive periodontal surgery. By merely practicing proper oral hygiene and techniques you will be sure that your chances of developing the problem are significantly reduced.

Natural Remedies - Natural treatments or remedies should always be your first choice because of the effectiveness and affordability of natural ingredients. Sage is a wonderful natural astringent, gently tightening the gum areas while also giving relief to the often painful symptoms of receding gums. Make your own mouth rinse by adding sage to boiled water and leaving a while, strain and rinse at least twice daily with the solution. Tea tree is another wonderful natural anti-microbial and bacterial ingredient, not only treating but also effectively preventing the bacterial build-up. Rinse your mouth twice daily, with a solution of warm water and a couple of drops tea tree oil.

Medical attention - It is absolutely imperative to seek medical attention before initiating any treatment or should you encounter any of the symptoms or clear visibility of receding gums. Your physician or dentist will be able to do a proper diagnoses and prescribe a suitable treatment. Next: Read what you can do at home to help stop or prevent the progression of gum disease by following the links directly below.